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Mom's Mental Health Boost - Nurturing You and Your Children's Wellbeing

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Motherhood is an amazing journey that brings joy and fulfilment, but it can also be challenging and overwhelming, especially for new mothers.


According to research studies, approximately 1 in 7 mothers experience some form of mental health issue during pregnancy or after childbirth.


These issues can range from anxiety, depression, postpartum psychosis, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Mental health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being, and it is essential to address mental health issues among mothers to improve their quality of life.

The mental health of a mother is essential not just for her but also for her children. A mother's mental health affects her ability to care for her child, interact with them, and form a healthy attachment bond.

It also impacts the overall family dynamic, including the relationship with her partner and other family members. Therefore, taking care of mental health should be a priority for every mother to ensure the nurturing of her children's well-being.

As mentioned earlier, mental health issues among mothers are prevalent, and many mothers suffer in silence due to the stigma associated with mental health disorders.

It is crucial to recognize the symptoms of mental health issues early on and seek professional help.

By addressing mental health issues among mothers, we can empower them to be the best version of themselves, and that's what Herbs of the Earth is committed to doing.

Let us discuss some common mental health challenges that mother faces and how to solve them.

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4 Common Challenges that Mothers Face and Tips for Solving Them.

1. Lack of Sleep: Many mothers struggle to get enough sleep, particularly during the early years of their children's lives.

This can impact their mental health and well-being, as sleep deprivation can make it harder to cope with stress and negative emotions.

To cope with this challenge, mothers can try to establish

  • a consistent bedtime routine

  • prioritize rest when possible

  • using high quality natural supplement products (e.g. Relax from Herbs of the Earth)

  • ask for help from friends or family members when needed.

2. Isolation: Motherhood can be isolating, particularly if mothers are stay-at-home parents or do not have a strong support system.

This can lead to feelings of loneliness and depression.

To cope with isolation, mothers can try to connect with other parents through support groups, online forums, or playgroups. They can also reach out to friends or family members for support.

3. Balancing work and family: Many mothers work outside the home, which can be challenging when trying to balance work responsibilities with family obligations. This can lead to feelings of overwhelm and stress.

To cope with this challenge,

  • Mothers can try to establish clear boundaries between work and home life.

  • Prioritize self-care

  • Use of high quality supplement products (e.g. Complete Women Multivitamins from Herbs of the Earth to boost energy and tackle stress)

  • Ask for help when needed.

4. Financial stress: Raising children can be expensive, and many mothers experience financial stress as a result.

This can impact mental health and lead to feelings of anxiety and depression.

To cope with financial stress, mothers can try to establish a budget, prioritize needs over wants, and look for ways to save money.

A baby taking a nap wrapped in a white cloth

Why Every Mother Should Prioritize Self-Care

Self-care is essential for every mother's mental health and well-being. As mothers, it is common to put the needs of our children and family first, often at the expense of our own needs.

However, taking care of ourselves is equally important, as it helps us to better care for our loved ones.

Here are a few reasons why every mother should prioritize self-care:

  • It helps to reduce stress: When we prioritize self-care, we give ourselves a break from the stressors of daily life. This helps to reduce stress levels and promote relaxation, which in turn has a positive impact on our mental health.

  • It boosts our mood: Engaging in self-care activities that we enjoy can help to boost our mood and increase feelings of happiness and contentment.

  • It helps to improve physical health: Some self-care activities, such as exercise and healthy eating, can have a positive impact on our physical health as well as our mental health.

A mother holding her sleeping naked baby

Mom's Mental Health Boost: Nurturing Children's Wellbeing

A mother's mental health can significantly impact her children's well-being. Children are often perceptive and can pick up on their mother's mood and emotional state.


Research has shown that mothers with poor mental health are more likely to have children with behavioural and emotional difficulties.


It's crucial, therefore, for mothers to prioritize their mental health to ensure that their children have a healthy and positive upbringing.

To support children's mental health, mothers can try to

  • Create a stable and supportive home environment

  • Engage in positive parenting practices

  • Prioritize their own mental health needs.

Additionally, engaging in activities as a family, such as physical exercises can provide a sense of connection and promote positive mental health for both mothers and their children.

It's important for mothers to remember that taking care of their own mental health is not only beneficial for themselves but also for the well-being of their children.

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Herbs of the Earth Recommendation for Mental Health.

As we’ve earlier discussed, mothers play a vital role in nurturing their families and often prioritize their children's health and wellbeing over their own.

Herbs of the Earth recognizes this and is offering a range of product bundles specially designed for mothers to give them the best possible wellbeing.

Here are some recommendations below:

1. MOMAZING Beauty: This bundle combines REVEAL and ASHWAGANDHA to promote glowing skin and beauty from within. The powerful antioxidants in REVEAL protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals, while ASHWAGANDHA promotes relaxation and reduces stress levels.

Herbs of the Earth Beauty Bundle for Mothers

2. MOMAZING Immunity: This bundle combines ZINC and TRUIMMUNOCARE to give mothers the perfect immunity boost. ZINC is essential for a healthy immune system, while TRUIMMUNOCARE contains a potent blend of immune-boosting ingredients to keep mothers and their families healthy.

Herbs of the Earth Immunity Bundle for Mothers

3. MOMAZING To-Be: This bundle combines PRENATAL and VITAMIN B COMPLEX for expectant mothers. It provides the necessary nutrients every pregnant woman needs for both her and her growing baby, including folic acid, iron, and vitamin D.

Herbs of the Earth Expectant Moms Health Bundle

4. MOMAZING Grandma: This bundle combines BONE, LION'S MANE, and MELATONIN to give ageing grandmas the strength and brain power to function. BONE provides calcium and other bone-supporting nutrients, while LION'S MANE promotes cognitive function and MELATONIN helps regulate sleep.

Herbs of the Earth Health Product for Grandmothers

5. MOMAZING Body: This bundle combines REDUCE, NIGHTRIM, and COLON CLEANSE for mothers wanting to shed weight. REDUCE and NIGHTRIM work together to boost metabolism and burn fat, while COLON CLEANSE helps to cleanse and detoxify the body.

Herbs of the Earth Health Product for Weight loss for Mothers

6. MOMAZING Wellness: This bundle combines RELAX and CHROMIUM to give mothers optimum wellness and stress relief. RELAX promotes relaxation and reduces stress levels, while CHROMIUM helps to regulate blood sugar levels and support healthy metabolism.

Herbs of the Earth Health Product to ease stress and anxiety for mothers


In conclusion, data shows that approximately 1 in 7 mothers experience some form of mental health issue during pregnancy or after childbirth, which can impact their ability to care for their child, interact with them, and form a healthy attachment bond.

Herbs of the Earth recognizes the importance of mothers' mental health and offers product bundles specially designed for them.

Self care is a very integral aspect of mental health care and Herbs of the Earth is committed to supporting both mothers' and their children's well-being.

Motherhood is indeed a gift and every mother should enjoy their unique journeys.


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