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Chromium Picolinate+
  • Being an essential part of the Glucose Tolerance Factor molecule, Chromium Picolinate is a must people who suffer from high blood sugar levels and want to avoid chemical treatments or extreme, restrictive diets.

  • An essential mineral for your health: chromium poses a very frequent deficiency in adults and this supplement will make sure you are getting exactly the amount your body needs.
  • Support your metabolism: chromium picolinate has been shown to boost fat, protein & carb metabolism, offering many benefits and aiding in the digestion process as well.
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels: optimize your blood markers and especially your blood sugar levels with just one capsule a day.
  • ULTRA HIGH POTENCY & BIOAVAILABILITY – Our supplement includes 200MCG of Chromium Picolinate per capsule. The reason why many chromium supplements include far higher amounts is simply because they know a lot of it will just be wasted during the digestion process alone.

    • 100% PREMIUM & SAFE FORMULA – Our Chromium capsules feature a pure and safe formula that’s perfect for men and women of all ages. On top of that, our supplement is free of potentially harmful additives, hazardous chemicals and unneeded preservatives. Just one tablet a day with a meal is exactly what you need to maintain your good health.

    • A TON OF POTENTIAL HEALTH BENEFITS – With the addition of Chromium Picolinate in your diet, you will immediately notice a faster and more efficient protein, carb and fat metabolism, decreased blood sugar levels and optimized blood glucose levels, especially for those who are into sports and training to the extreme.

  • MADE IN THE USA - FDA REGISTERED FACILITY - GMP CERTIFIED -THIRD PARTY QUALITY TESTED - LAB TESTED: It is important we deliver only the safest products to our consumers that’s why this product is proudly Made in the USA in a FDA Registered Facility. We are also GMP Certified, Third Party Quality Test, and Lab Tested.

Chromium Picolinate+

SKU: HE0210507
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  • 1 bottle of Chromium Picolinate 200mcg, 100 capsules per bottle

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