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Herbs of the Earth Selenium+: An Easy, Vegan and Nut-free Way to Support Selenium Deficiency


Selenium is an essential mineral that is a star player on the Antioxidant A-Team along with Vitamins A, C and E. It strengthens our immune system and has the power to pump up immune cells from scrawny weaklings into dead lifting beef cakes.

Our bodies need selenium in a big way, but many of us are deficient. This is because much of the produce today is grown in mineral-depleted soil. Plants can only absorb selenium; they don’t actually produce it. We get selenium in our diet by eating plants with selenium or eating animals that ate lots of plants containing selenium. Mineral-depleted soil means selenium-deficient food.

The other challenge is that there aren’t a lot of foods that accumulate much selenium, even if they are grown in selenium-rich soil. Brazil nuts offer the highest concentrations (eating two per day can give you a daily dose), but we’ve found that it’s surprisingly hard to get your hands on quality nuts. What you typically find in the grocery store is already rancid, which isn’t just a flavor problem, it actually can be harmful.

Fish such as tuna and halibut are the other big source of selenium, but friends don’t let friends get their daily dose of selenium from fish. If you eat seafood, you are probably aware that it’s wise to limit consumption to minimize exposure to heavy metals such as mercury.


A Master in Anti-Oxidant for Effective Thyroid Support, Immunity Boost and More.


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  • SELENIUM 200mcg ★ Pure & Yeast Free Selenomethionine ★ Support Healthy Thyroid Function, Heart Health, Reproductive & Immune System ★ Essential Trace Mineral & Antioxidant Supplements ★ High Absorption Rate ★ 100 Vegan Capsules

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