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KETO Drops+
  • KETO DROPS supplement is rich in Raspberry Ketone, African mango, L-carnitine, L-arginine, Grapefruit, Maca powder, and many other powerful ingredients to boost your metabolism, block carbs, burn fat. 
  • Many benefits: Our KETO DROPS supplements are used to stabilize energy levels, boost your metabolism, fight fatigue and can help under weight more effectively while also providing cognitive support.
  • Fast Absorbing Drops: KETO DROPS are taken sublingually for maximum absorption and efficient health support; Superior to powders or capsule.
  • Extra Strength Raspberry Ketones: Nature's Nutrition Raspberry Ketone Drops are an extra strength formula for natural weight support; Liquid drops make raspberry ketones easy for you to swallow and easy for your body to absorb
  • A Powerhouse Thermogenic: Made with a powerful antioxidant blend of African mango and garcinia for natural weight support.
  • Quick absorption: Because it comes in a liquid state, our raspberry ketone KETO DROPS supplement is easily absorbed by your body and provides a healthy convenient experience.
  • Clean formula: Herbs of the Earth KETO DROPS are made with carefully selected ingredients and formulated in an FDA-registered facility. This natural supplement is made in the USA and is gluten-free, NON-GMO, VEGAN formula.
  • Great taste: KETO DROPS have a natural fruity flavor that you will love to taste every day. The 60 ml bottle is the equivalent of 40 servings. Add a few drops of keto supplements to your water, juice or smoothie for an amazing experience.
  • Powerful Ketone Drops: Our KETO formulated drops may add a multitude of benefits for weight loss, increased energy & performance. The presence of high quality ingredients in our ketone drops can boost & maintain ketosis so that your body can continue burning stored fat for optimal energy production. 
  • Powerful Fat Burner & Energy Booster: 
  • Fuel For Body & Brain: Our KETO DROPS will help your body burn stored fat as fuel to generate energy & improve stamina. You may also experience less hunger, natural weight loss, a steady supply of energy & increased physical endurance. Ketones BHB may also help improve cognition & mood, in addition to keeping you alert & focused.
  • Easy Efficient Absorption: Our Keto drops absorb quicker than capsules, powders or pills, resulting in faster, more efficient health support. Our supplement comes in a delicious flavor & contains high quality ingredients. Safe & effective for men and women. Each bottle contains 2 fl oz or 60ml & each serving size is 2 ml (2 half droppers).

KETO Drops+

SKU: HE200809
    • NON-GMO
    • VEGAN

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