• ✔ BREATH STAYS FRESH with the odorless formula. Receive the immune boosting and cardiovascular benefits of garlic without the “overwhelming” smell for everyone around you.
  • ✔ SUPPORT CHOLESTEROL & BLOOD PRESSURE already within normal range. Studies have shown positive effects on “bad cholesterol” & blood pressure management for healthy adults.
  • ✔ TRIPLE GARLIC EFFECTIVENESS by combining with Parsley Extract.
  • ✔ HEART-HEALTHY BENEFITS- The benefits of garlic have been widely known for centuries, and modern technology has now made it possible to harness the most useful components to give us maximum health potential.
  • ✔ IMMUNITY-BOOSTING ANTIOXIDANT- Support your immune system! Garlic contains antioxidants that protect against cell damage and may boost immune cell function, which is especially important during seasons when our immune systems are most vulnerable. Additionally, oxidative damage from free radicals contributes to the aging process, and garlic protects against this as well.



Simply put, Herbs of the Earth Garlic and Parsley+ supplement is a great way to incorporate the immunity - boosting power of garlic and parsley into your daily life.

Garlic has been used for both food and medicine for centuries, dating as far back as the time of the Egyptian pyramids. Garlic has proven to have many antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and has always been associated with extreme well known benefits. 

Parsley contains more vitamin c than any other vegetable. Parsley has almost three times more vitamin c than an orange. it is also rich in essential nutrients, including potassium, manganese and calcium. Parsley is rich with antioxidant properties and is awesome just by itself. 

Herbs of the Earth premium garlic and parsley supplement should be in everyones arsenal of daily supplementation for immune support against cold, viruses and bacteria with the added benefit of heart health and nutrition


Nope! To receive the health benefits of garlic, you’d normally have to put it in your food. By using pill
extracts, not only are they many times more potent, they won’t make your breath smell like garlic. 


That’s where the benefits of pills come into play. For people who don’t like th taste of garlic, swallowing
pills completely bypasses the need to taste anything but the water washing it down. 



Odorless Garlic (from 5mg of a 100, 1 extract equivalent to 500mg of fresh Garlic Bulb) 500mg
Parsley (from 2mg of a 50, 1 extract is equivalent to 100mg of fresh Parsley seed) 100mg 


Garlic and Parsley+

SKU: HE0170046
  • Garlic and Parsley Extract ★ 600mg Odorless Softgels ★ Immune Booster, Naturally Lower Cholesterol and Blood Pressure ★ Potent Antioxidant ★ 100 All Natural Softgels

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