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Amino Acid+

Herbs of the Earth AMINO ACIDS + Essential and  BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are some of the most powerful weapons in defending your body. By providing up to 40 percent of the daily requirement of all essential amino acids, this indicates just how important BCAAs are to the body. This group of three essential amino acids – leucine, isoleucine, and valine – have been proven to enhance muscle protein synthesis, improve training, prevent muscle loss, improve recovery, support fat loss, and more.

Herbs of the Earth AMINO ACIDS + is especially beneficial for athletes and those who work labor intensive jobs as intense exertion depletes amino acid stores regardless of diet. Because leucine is depleted the most frequently, it is needed more than isoleucine and valine.

Herbs of the Earth AMINO ACIDS + simplify the job of converting each amino acid into energy during extreme physical use. Because BCAAs make up approximately 35 percent of all muscle tissue, supplementing the body is crucial to preserving them.


Enhance muscle protein synthesis: Herbs of the Earth AMINO ACIDS + activates key enzymes in protein synthesis after physical exertion. By increasing the rate of protein synthesis and decreasing the protein degradation rate in muscles, BCAAs provide anabolic effects on protein metabolism. This is especially important for those who exert themselves through exercise or physically intensive jobs, as well as those over the age of 35 when protein synthesis begins to decline.

Improve endurance and strength training: 
Our Herbs of the Earth AMINO ACIDS + supplementation is beneficial during endurance training as the net rate of protein degradation is decreased, depletion of muscle glycogen is delayed, and fatigue is diminished due to decreased tryptophan uptake to the brain.

Improve physical and mental recovery: Several studies indicate supplementation with Herbs of the Earth AMINO ACIDS + improves recovery from physical exertion. At the same time, the risk of injury or illness is reduced.

Herbs of the Earth AMINO ACIDS + may decrease pain, muscle damage, perceived exertion, and mental fatigue. Herbs of the Earth AMINO ACIDS + supplementation improves anabolic response in recovery as well as immune response.

Amino Acid+

SKU: HE017054
  • Amino Acid + Essential and Natural BCAA, Improve Physical and Mental Recovery, Endurance and Strength, NON GMO, All Natural, 1,000 MG, 100 Tablets

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