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Kidney Care Gift Pack KIDNEY PRO and ENZYMES

- Flushes toxins for overall kidney support
- Helps improve bladder control
- Aids urinary tract health

Your body counts on the kidneys to help filter waste. But if you consume a high protein diet, drink alcohol, or regularly smoke, you could be putting excess strain on your organs. Symptoms of kidney overload include lethargy, appetite loss, drowsiness, and muscle cramps.


ENZYMES : Keeping a healthy digestive system is the basis of having a healthy body and Enzymes+ Digestive Care 4x Pancreatin Digestive Enzyme delivers everything your body needs to maintain healthy digestion and active nutrient absorption. With this high-quality, quadruple strength formula, the body is empowered to breakdown, protein, starch and fats much more quickly, helping you absorb the goodness you need from your food with a more efficient and effective digestion system.


Kidney Care Gift Pack KIDNEY PRO and ENZYMES

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  • Christmas Box for Nerve Health Potassium and Vitamin B Complex

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