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Healthy Safety Steps to Defeat Covid

Be vigilant. Imprint these healthy and safety steps for you and the family so that you can win over Covid.

Smoke is extremely damaging to the lungs, and when your respiratory system is compromised you are more susceptible to infections. So, steer clear of cigarettes and smoky areas and keep your lungs in tip-top shape!

High in vitamins and minerals, it’s nature’s way of infusing your body with all the healthy nutrients you’ll need to boost immunity. With its high-fiber content as well, you’re sure to rid your body of unwanted by-products to help you feel good from within.

Keeping in shape is not just about hitting the gym and looking good in clothes, exercise gets your body in gear and keeps you functioning properly throughout the day. Plus, with the release of endorphins, you’ll get an added boost of pep and energy!

Obesity is a major problem, it causes a host of ailments least of which is a compromised immune system. Get to a healthy shape and do your best to maintain it without resorting to a rigorous regimen that may actually do more harm than good.

When there’s a need for it, it always pays to pace yourself when it comes to alcohol. If you are of legal age, you certainly can partake, but it’s best to know your limits and only drink a bit at a time. Too much alcohol is not only bad for you, it’s not a good look either.

Sleep is your body’s way of recharging itself, but it’s also the time for your endocrine system to its work in cleaning out the toxins in your body. So don’t skimp on this rest period because your immune system needs it!

I know, you’ve heard this before… but it’s so simple and effective it begs repeating. Hygiene in general is always effective in preventing infection, but hand-washing is your first defense against this. Don’t just rely on disinfectant sprays – soap and water is still best.

Sure, you eat healthy… but do you eat hygienically? We trust our grocery stores keep our food clean, but it never hurts to give your raw ingredients a good once-over in the sink. And once everything’s sorted, prepare foods separately to avoid cross-contamination.

No one knows why stress takes such a toll on the body, but it surely does. Stressful situations tend to take a lot out of you, especially your immunity. Take time out to learn calming exercises and little mantras to get you out of tense funks, or try and avoid them altogether!

The best line of defense against infections is the vaccines against them. It primes your immune system to fight off illnesses and diseases before they take hold of your body. Always keep up to date with the latest vaccines and get tested to find out which you already have in your system.

Being cold won’t get you a cold. Being hot won’t get you a fever either. But these old wives’ tales do have a pearl of truth to them. Going from hot to cold or cold to hot environmental temperatures to take a toll on your immune system so try and stay in a temperate environment when you can.

No man is an island, but these days it seems like we all are. In times of isolation, mental health is at risk. Do your best to fight off the mood swings by going on-line, dialing friends and family, or just entertaining yourself with all the options available. A healthy mind result in a healthy body.

Trying times or not, let's face it. This is our new normal. The healthier we keep ourselves and our family, the better chances we have in beating the pandemic.

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